Reflections of a Still Life


During the spring of 2009, I was searching for an approach to technically accurate classical realism that would compel the viewer to contemplate. I wanted the viewer to, perhaps uncomfortably, process visual information the way savvy art lovers and critiques have learned to evaluate conceptual art, such as abstraction. While the priority was realism, it was not intended to be straightforward. If there is a return to classical realism, it will not be without the influence of modernism. There is no way it can be, given the impact of conceptual art in the last 100 years.


The idea of placing traditional still life objects on a mirror, under the clouds and sky came to me in a dream. It was an unexpected solution and a product of my subconscious. I have learned to accept original solutions even when it comes from seemingly innocuous places.



$250  Giclee on canvas


Limited Edition of 50


Original SOLD

© 2013 by Brenda Doyle

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