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Creative Quarantine

Updated: May 6

15 one-minute zendoodle video lessons(click the ... to see them all)

Like you, I have been adjusting, digging deeper and reaching out in unexpected ways. Since I taught art for 20 years, I turned to teaching as a way to connect. Inspired, I recalled a recent visit with a friend, who, while getting chemo, created “Zendoodles.” These fun little drawings helped her relax and move through her treatments.

Like her, I am committed to moving through unprecedented experiences in positive ways, and at least for now, I have decided to spread a little cheer and perhaps provide creative guidance. I am not sure where this will lead as we move into post-quarantine life but revisiting my role as teacher revealed something unexpected. My last major body of work should intentionally include all my significant artistic expertise, and that means teaching.

These short clips are meant to take one through a journey of creativity in a way that is welcoming and accessible.


© 2013 by Brenda Doyle

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