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Play 2021

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

If you take creativity too seriously, logic can lead to doubt and from there creativity leaves the room. Therefore artists and art educators alike insist that an attitude of play is useful, maybe necessary.

In that spirit, here is a fun outdoor activity:

With a smartphone or camera look for positive and negative shapes. I went for a walk at Rocky Mountain National Park. Here's what I came up with at Sprague Lake. I did not edit or crop to illustrate this point -it takes a bit of time to acclimate to the charms of an environment and it is common to spot the obvious and simple first. Additionally, focusing on a concept such as positive and negative will challenge you to see iconic places with fresh eyes as you develop your ability to observe composition.


Composition is the arrangement of the elements of art according to the principles of design.

The Elements are: line, shape, form, pattern, space, value & color.

The Principles of Design are: movement, scale, balance, harmony, rhythm and emphasis.

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