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Updated: Jan 9

A creative journey is set into motion with an intuitive idea and is inspired by influences unique to the project and person. Exploration goes farther.

Like the list of topics worth considering in Inspiration, the same list can be used to explore. The difference is how you come by them. Inspiration is a bit like serendipity; the lucky meaningful things you come across. Exploration includes the things you knowingly seek without knowing if they will be meaningful.

Connect to personal story, history, interests, places

Connect to other disciplines such as literature, science, sport, dance

Make art for private or public audiences

Work individually or collaboration

Represent genre: still life, landscape and portrait

Approach: Realism to Abstraction, 2D or 3D, functional or non-functional

Utilize Education: self taught, Atelier or BFA

Forage for answers beyond inspiration. Explore. There is no way to know if your exploration will prove fruitful but explore just the same.

So in the spirit of exploration, I picked out a new book. I have no idea if what I might learn in this new book will ultimately provide mature solutions but I will explore just the same.

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