Updated: Nov 15

Intuition, inspiration and exploration shed light on creative possibilities. Understanding how to visually communicate and playing around with options provide exponential solutions and approach sets the stage. Creativity can be both abundant and overwhelming! Pivoting focuses back to purpose, the original intuitive idea. While the first phases of creativity feel like an expanding cumulous cloud, pivoting to purpose feels like a raindrop. While there are no rules, there are ways to transition from a mindset of all-inclusive brainstorming to a solution that aligns with the original intent. Composition, media, approach, technical aptitude and function are broad categories within the pivoting game. Choosing doable, comfortable solutions keep the journey enjoyable.

Funky flipped print taken from a detail of original masterwork Surreal Rocky Mountain Picnic. 10x10" giclee on panel ready to hang. See this and other flipped prints under Funky Prints.

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