Intuition November

Updated: Nov 8

Okay, if you are reading this, you have probably decided that what I am saying about intuition is accurate: intuition has a place in creative problem solving. So, what if, in this open state of mind, you find yourself and your sketchbook, full or more ideas than you can possibly bring to life any time soon. I have had conversations with students, too numerous to count, that revolved around the frustration of having more ideas than time and aptitude will permit. If your creativity lends itself to woodworking, you may have more ideas than trees. Or if your creativity leans in the direction of fashion design, you may have more ideas on paper than you have fabric, and more ideas in your head than you can get on paper.

If you are creative, each origin idea is, in truth, exciting. And valuable. The creative process, laid out here, can take each exciting idea through the journey of Intuition, Inspiration, Exploration, Understanding, Play, Approach, Pivot and Appreciation. The TEDtalk, below, weighs in on the upside of managing several creative projects at the same time. How many you decide to manage is up to you. I know in my student's lives (and in my own), that juggling too many brilliant-cannot-stop-myself ideas can feel overwhelming. In the Pivot post, coming November 13, I will share with you some ways to, well, Pivot away from an overwhelming experience of creativity.

These are test shots and reference photos I set up based on one brilliant-can't-stop-myself idea. 110 hours later I had an acrylic painting I titled Uptown Downtown. It is part of a series of Surreal Still Lifes.

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