Updated: Nov 4

Intuition is the beginning, it lets the muse in.... then what? This is where a process, a creative process helps. Inspiration is next.

Inspiration is a subset of your life's influences. We are all influenced by many things, past and present. The inspirational influences I am talking about here are the ones that relate to the original intuitive idea. Gather these and you connect the dots. Inspirational influences are unique to each creative idea and each creative person.

Here is a list of influences worth considering:

Personal story, history, interests, places

Connections to other disciplines such as literature, science, sport, dance.

Purpose: artmaking for private or public audiences

Maker: individual or collaboration

Genre: still life, landscape and portrait

Approaches: Realism to Abstraction, 2D or 3D, functional or non-functional

Education: self taught, Atelier or BFA

Take time to ponder and acknowledge what has inspired you. Allow these influences to come to the surface. Deciding the importance and hierarchy of these influences will come later. For now, inclusion is key to pollinating creativity.

Possibilities of a Pinecone. Part of an in-progress paint and play coloring page. 8x10".

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