Updated: Nov 16

It takes grit to travel a road so nebulous as intuition, so open-hearted as inspiration, so courageous as exploration, so patient as understanding. Each month I will share with landmarks of the creative journey on these dates: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21. Intuition, Inspiration, Exploration, Understanding, Play, Approach, Pivot, and Appreciation. Each month I will revisit these landmarks and share with you what I have come to know as good advice. As an artist with thousands of hours of training and application and an educator with advanced degrees and 2 decades of experience in the classroom, one thing I am convinced of is this: creative journeys are ultimately about the journey. Appreciate the journey. And, here, at the end of a creative journey, a plot twist. There is no end.

Appreciating the journey is the epiphany gathered along the way. Questions find answers. Skills increase. Knowledge deepens. Even as ideas manifest, new ideas arrive in the corners of one's mind - and one's sketchbook. Of all the hundreds of students I have witnessed along creativity's path, the happiest were those that acquired appreciation for metacognition: the ability to think about one's own thinking.

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