Appreciate October

Updated: Nov 16

It takes a certain grit to travel a road so nebulous, open-hearted and patient as creativity. Each month, on these dates: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, I share with you what I have come to know as good advice. Intuition, Inspiration, Exploration, Understanding, Play, Approach and Pivot are landmarks on the creative journey.

Here, at the end of a creative journey, a plot twist. There is no end.

Appreciating the journey is the epiphany gathered along the way. After all, the questions led you to answers about yourself. Sure, ideas come to manifestation, yet, as they do, new ideas arrive in the corners of your mind - and your sketchbook. Of all the students I have taught, the happiest were those that could navigate the process of creativity. Metacognition, the ability to think about your own thinking a turn key of creativity.

Plein Aire painting from Rocky Mountain National Park. This one is sold, others in the section on Travel Paintings. I paint almost every day, even on vacation, so travel paintings include my recent trip to Hawaii and Florida in addition to several spots in Colorado.

Detail of a painting of a Colorado Cutthroat, a trout native to Colorado.

Beginning drawing detail for a large painting depicting Morraine Park at Rocky Mountain National Park.

Detail of a commission for Colorado Analytical Labs who test much of the water in the state.

Detail of a painting inspired by an artist-in-residencey in France, west of Champagne at Chateau Orquevaux.

Drawing done in Sharpie marker, playing around with the possibility of an adult coloring book.

I paint almost every day...

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