Explore November

Updated: Nov 8

Exploration answers questions about how others solve creative problems. There is no right way to this part of the creative process and the reach could be as different as museums and comic books.

Again, a list of topics worth considering:

How do others...

Connect to personal story, history, interests, places

Connect to other disciplines such as literature, science, sport, dance

Make art for private or public audiences

Work individually or collaboration

Represent genre: still life, landscape and portrait

Approach Realisism to Abstraction, 2D or 3D, functional or non-functional

Utilize Education: self taught, Atelier or BFA

Finding answers about say collaboration from one source and answers about approach from another and piecing those answers together will ultimately provide unique solutions.

5x5" oil on panel study. View of Beaver Creek. See this and others in Travel Paintings.

Gouache study. Kauai. 5x7"

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