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Updated: Mar 10

I am most intentional (and intuitive) when I make art. And I have just begun the most contemplative body of work I have ever attempted. So, for the first time, I am sharing my journey. To understand this journey, it is helpful to understand my journey before this journey.

I have been making art most of my life. Making, admiring, discussing, teaching and learning. I have shared art, hid art. I have believed in myse

lf, doubted myself.

Although I am formally trained, I am equally self-taught. I have an undergraduate and a master’s in art (plus 100+ college credits above that)! I have learned many medias: photography, graphic design, ceramics, fiber arts, and of course, drawing and painting. I have poured over hundreds of books and biographies in my artistic pursuit of happiness. I taught art for 20 years. And, after long days of study or teaching, I have painted.

I know what it takes to make a masterwork. I know the impulsivity of imagination, the editing of ideas, planning of composition, color studies, revisions. I know the process of pondering, wondering and reworking. I know how each step feels. I like the journey. I like the mystery.

I have begun the most elaborate, contemplative body of artwork I have ever attempted. And it is highly likely it will be my last. At the age of 56, I can envision what my last works will be. Not in every detail, of course, I never know that, but I can feel it build on the horizon.

The number 21 is symbolic for me. I always told myself I would teach for 20 years and then move on. So, amusingly, 21 is this chapter and so I resolve to create 21 masterworks. I can say this with reasonable confidence because my years of practice have taught me what to expect. I estimate each masterwork will take a year, including preliminary studies so…

I will finish painting #21 at the age of 77. Give or take.

Why share this?

My art-making journey has showed me the mountain called creativity. Whether you like my art or not, I know the trail well and it is a path worthy of walking.


© 2013 by Brenda Doyle

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