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Approach 2021

Approach is a creative decision. There are lots of options. Realism is one approach. So is abstraction. In fact, there is a sliding scale from realism to abstraction that goes like this: realism, idealism, imaginative realism, stylistic realism, figurative abstraction and non-objective abstraction. There other ways to approach visual communication as well. Like 2D or 3D. Functional or non-functional. Aesthetic or utilitarian. Genre is an approach: genre includes still life, landscape and figure. Classicism is an approach, so is conceptualism. Approach can include collaboration or independent processes. It includes public or private audiences. Each approach has its own charms, yet they share the same creative process. This section will discuss and show examples of each, no worries if you don't recognize all the approaches listed. Soon you will!

Here, a brief on the difference between approach and process as I hike around Red Rocks Park, close to home (even an artist needs to get some exercise!

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