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I am a formally trained, award winning Denver based artist. I began placing objects on a mirror a few years ago. I love the concept of intertwining meanings and reflective, ah-ha moments that allow you see something in a new way. This series of 12 masterworks is full of playful pandemonium. These oil and acrylic still life landscape paintings intrigue art collectors of contemporary realism, surrealism and abstraction. Life is full of multiple viewpoints and layered intellectual and intuitive understandings. I inclusively and intentionally approach diverse historical art traditions from realism and conceptualism. Using archival materials and practices these original works of art are offered online or can be viewed by appointment. Limited edition giclee prints are made available upon request. Elevate home decor and carefully curated collections with art that will surprise and delight you work years to come!

Uptown Downtown
Reflections on a still life
Red Rocks
Sleeping Seedpod
It's All Good
Dutch Painter's Dream
Classicism and Confusion
Work in progress
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