Dutch Dream


This painting is a respectful and contemporary homage to 16th century Dutch still life paintings. As a young girl, my parents would take me to art museums wherever we traveled and I would be hypnotized by the classical images of painters like Jan Davidsz de Heem and Balthasar van der Ast. To be frank, I had to look up the artist’s names, but their masterful images have been imbedded clearly and passionately in my visual memory for most of my life. For this painting, I set up test shots one windy afternoon in late April. The silver bowls are a symbol of my father’s ancestry:  several generations of silversmiths in England. The bowl of strawberries, the fruit of spring, projects it’s reflection as a true depiction of abstraction. The other bowl, turned upside-down, projects the lakeside landscape reminiscent of surrealism. At the time of the photo shoot, I had no idea what images might be recorded on the silver bowls I had placed on the mirror. Nor did I fully understand my fascination. Each object intuitively tells a story of influence: family legacy and a puzzling juxtaposition of classical and contemporary ideas.



$270  Giclee on canvas


Limited Edition of 50


Original SOLD

© 2013 by Brenda Doyle

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