Dance Dance


This image speaks playfully about synergy between the performer and the audience. My grandfather was a professional musician, the youngest inducted into the Fellowship of Organists at the age of 19. He did his internship in the Cathedral of Notre Dame, in Paris in the 1930's and his first professional gig was at St. John's Cathedral in Manhattan, NYC. I learned piano at a young age, then classical flute and while I had a passion for music, and still do, but the visual arts called to me in a stronger way by the time I was in High School. My husband was a professional musician for many years and my son is now a professional musician, lead vocalist and guitarist of a critically admired local band in Denver, The Kinky Fingers. Music embeds our lives with richness, joy and energy. Understanding the dedication to the mastery of music ignites playful passion.

$325  Giclee on canvas


Limited Edition of 50


Original Oil/Panel  24x24"


© 2013 by Brenda Doyle

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