A hundred years ago, the dogma of the French and Royal Academies was overthrown by emerging ideology now called conceptualism. Ignited by Marcel Duchamp's "Urinal" at the Armory Show of 1917, realism all but disappear. Techniques that had been established and mastered during the Renaissance disappeared as well.  Artists have been influenced by the conceptual art movement ever since. 


I have an undergraduate degree in Studio Art, a Master's in Art Education and serious years as a maker of images. Even so, I was never trained in the secrets of realism. I have been indoctrinated in conceptualism and mostly self-taught in realism. I have been chasing something of both ideals most of my life, they have pulled me in opposite directions for so long that I have become synthesis of both paths. 

© 2013 by Brenda Doyle

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